Sewer System Rehabilitation and Repair

Various techniques and technologies are available to maintain, repair, and rehabilitate the sanitary sewer collection system to reduce sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and backups. These technologies are applied to resolve the specific concerns in sewer segments identified through CCTV and other condition assessments.

  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) includes high-pressure washing of the sewer pipe to remove accumulated debris and grease, cutting and control of roots with chemical retardants, and other maintenance techniques to keep the sewers open and flowing. These techniques are primarily applied in structurally sound sewers.
  • Repairs are implemented when structural defects, such as a broken pipe, allow rainwater and soil to wash into the pipe, creating a blockage that restricts the flow of wastewater.
  • Rehabilitation includes pipe renewal techniques such as installing a cured-in-place liner within a deteriorated pipe to restore structural integrity. This and other trenchless or minimal excavation technologies provide new life to an aging pipe.

These techniques are selected and recommended based on the potential for defects within any sewer segment to contribute to an SSO or backup and the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of PM, repair, or rehabilitation.